ClicFlyer launches its new Feature Buy Online

ClicFlyer launched its Buy Online feature in its new update to its mobile application that will allow users to buy products through its mobile App from the retailer ecommerce platform. The new version now has select offers from its retail partners that now have an “online” button” which when clicked will take the user to the offer on the retailer ecommerce platform, facilitating an online purchase. The new release also has WhatsApp buttons to facilitate WhatsApp orders. These new features will be available in Saudi Arabia initially, with a further rollout in the GCC in August 2020.
Neville Mody, Director at ClicFlyer said “In the current times off social distancing and reduced physical sales it was imperative for us to provide an alternate means for our users to be able to procure the products that they had selected after the research conducted on the App.” With an average half a million products added to cart every month, we hope to add value to both our users and Retail partners. Our subsequent version release next month will further refine this functionality and the communication between our user and retailers.
ClicFlyer has always strived to bridge the gap between Physical Store Retailers and shoppers, by making the shopping journey from research to purchase easy and effective. Shoppers can search, compare and add items to their cart, create shopping lists, view stores closest to them, browse flyers by the discount offered, share offers with their friends and family, and other features that help them shop easily. The BUY ONLINE button is no exception as our App users can now as an alternative to a physical purchase, close out on the journey with a purchase through the app from the convenience of their homes.
ClicFlyer is one of the leading promotions App available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt, with over 150,000 physical retailer offers published every month.

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