Boost your online business with ClicFlyer. Introducing our all new “BUY ONLINE” feature for instant shopping.

COVID19 has changed the Landscape of how we go about our daily live. The need to social distance and reduce risk has accelerated the penetration and frequency of online transactions. Given that more people would prefer to undertake certain transactions from the comfort of their homes a highly visible online presence is a must and many businesses are either adding or shifting to a more online approach to sales. With the ClicFlyer release 3, we have launched an all new feature for retailers listed on our platform – a ‘BUY ONLINE’ button. This button will be visible directly on the offer page, giving shoppers the option of visiting the offer listing directly on the brand / retailer website, along with other similar offers. The BUY ONLINE button adds a whole new paradigm to the ClicFlyer shopping experience, as for the first time, customers can browse offers, and then directly purchase the item online. ClicFlyer now facilitates the entire shopping journey on the App from discovery & research to purchase.

Advantages to retailers

Having an E-commerce site is not enough visibility and access are key to its success. 81% of customer purchase journeys start with research and ClicFlyer provides high visibility and accessibility of your offers to a wide active shopper base. Benefits of adding this button to your offers are countless – from driving more traffic to your site, to reducing the time spent until conversion, to faster recall for the next purchase, directly purchases online, to name a few advantages. Another advantage is choosing your own landing page – either a single offer or range of similar offers, the choice is yours. Capitalize on the increase in online sales due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Allow your shoppers to instantly complete their shopping journey in the same session as the browsing. 

Users are also more likely to click on a tile with the BUY ONLINE icon, since they have the option to purchase it instantly, as opposed to saving it for a shopping trip later.

How to get the BUY ONLINE button for your offers

Retailers will have to either provide deep linking of UTM links for each offer for which a BUY ONLINE button needs to be placed, this will help track transactions redirected from the ClicFlyer app or use  ClicFlyer services to extract the links This also helps in building complete activity history. Our Team will then set up redirection of the offers to your ecommerce website, for when shoppers click the BUY ONLINE button. Performance metrics will be provided in terms of BUY ONLINE clicks from the app. ClicFlyer analytic solutions can be engaged to provide promotion analysis, and to measure & improve conversion effectiveness.

Other new features for retailers with ClicFlyer 3.0

Retail banner: Although the BUY ONLINE button is a major new feature for our retailers, we do have more in store. ClicFlyer now offers an exclusive banner space for retailers to make use of, on their own retailer page within the app. The retailer banner can be used to increase visibility to redirect shoppers to their ecommerce site, or to particular offers within ClicFlyer.

Whatsapp: Another new feature with ClicFlyer’s release 3 is Whatsapp ordering – users can now place orders via Whatsapp, and have a direct line of communication with the retailers, once again bridging the gap between retailers and shoppers. The Whatapp numbers can be tagged at a store level.

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