How ClicFlyer can maximise ROI on your marketing spend?

The marketing experts of the 19th century had the luxury to proclaim, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

From the 19th century to today, the context of marketing has changed phenomenally. Nowadays, conversions determine the tone and the budget of marketing. It means the marketer has to constantly work on attracting the right people, converting them into leads and closing the sale.

Implementing scientific, measurable tactics that maximize goodwill, sales, revenue, and profitability is the crux of today’s marketing which is measured through conversions. An idea however great on paper if it doesn’t get the conversions you are looking for it is not worth it.

In God we trust. Everyone else brings data. 

For many marketers, the problem isn’t always the ideas themselves, but rather that the data they are using to drive decisions is either incomplete or not being interpreted properly. To be effective, they need to properly turn raw numbers into actionable insights that will enhance their strategies.

That’s where business intelligence comes in. Based on the insights offered by Business Analytics ClicFlyer marketers can determine where to place their campaigns, whom to target, and how to best allocate their resources.

ClicFlyer analytic dashboard and insights provide our customers with actionable insights to help make prompt & effective decisions through its 3 products.

  1. Business Intelligence & Analytical Insights

Business is all about being one step ahead of your competitors and brands that do not care about competition ultimately vanish in the long run. Our BI Cloud-based Interactive tool provides an overview as well as granular deep insights on promotions run by physical stores, including Supermarkets. The tool provides a comprehensive analysis of over a 150,000 offers every month from 150 unique retailers, covering 10,000 brands and products in 7 counties (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar). With over 30 data points per offer, detail analysis through the interactive Cloud Tool provides high-level insights into Offer distribution & volume, retailer promotion by category, discount & pricing down to more granular insights through the use of filters such as retailers, categories, brands, pack sizes. Deep insights of Flyer to flyer comparison reports as well as offer vs offer by retailer/brand is clearly illustrated through dashboards.

To maximize their ROI on the marketing spend and strengthen customer relationships, marketers need to know at the RIGHT time the right moments to reach out to the customers. Our dashboard information gets updated on the next working day of completion of the week’s promotions. The subscription options allow access to historic analysis (up to 24 months) based on your needs.

We provide customization options to our dashboards to conform to your specific analytical needs and reporting requirements.

  1. In-App Analytics – Understand how your brand offers and promotions are performing

With over 150 million clicks a month on the Clicflyer application from over 600,000 monthly active users including 120 million flyer page views, 40,000 store detail clicks, 7 million offer clicks & 400,000 add to carts provide valuable insights to active shoppers preference’s and intent while they research & hunt for best deals during promotions of brands, offers, and retailers in the region.

  1. Offer library

We have a comprehensive web-based subscription service to our repository of over 3 million offers and 35,000 flyers over two years (2017 to date) from over 150 unique retailers including super & hypermarkets in 7 countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar).

Our Search functionality & Interactive filters such as country, regions, cities, categories, Subcategories, brands, pack size for promotion image with information on Price, Discount, Discount price, discount mechanism, store availability can help you slice and dice the data whichever way you want.

We cover categories like Groceries (Fruit &Veg, Beverage, Confectionery, Bakery, Meat & Fish, Dairy, Frozen products.), Electronics, Clothing, Footwear, Health & Beauty, Paper & Disposables, Laundry &Cleaning, Baby & Mom, Home Furnishing, Pets,)

Our library is updated daily with previous day promotions.  Once you join us this data goldmine is for you to access and use while preparing your promotion plan and schemes.

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